About me and my van

If you’ve never been here before, let me first clarify: No, the title of my blog isn’t clever hyperbole- I really am living in my van. And, no, I’m not broke, crazy, or nomadic. Well… not that nomadic, anyway. I’m just a little off-the-beaten-path-minded, and this is simply an experiment in non-traditional living. You can read more about my decision to live in a van here.

Dig into the archives – I’ve done my best to illustrate my experience richly and fully. And please, if you find something I’ve said interesting, provocative, or ignorant, leave a comment!

A few good stories to get you started:

Reflection on material possessions the weekend I move into the Van

The intense peace of waking up with the ocean; having company over

Watching a Roof-top Suicide Negotiation

Teenagers staring at me in bed


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