Update on the roof-jumper

Update: I’m sorry to report that the man did in fact take his life. The story here: http://www.starnewsonline.com/article/20110903/ARTICLES/110729782/0/news0101 . Two interesting comments from readers of the article:

“I was told this person had been recently released from The Oaks and was upset over his girlfriend and waited until she was present to jump. Also there were bystanders that were yelling “Jump” that seemed to be in disbelief when he did.”

and, from a different commenter:

“This man that took his own life is my son. And before his heart and mind became troubled, he was a bright, funny, handsome, loving, sweet person. His loss in our lives leaves our hearts crushed. May you hold your loved ones tighter and say a prayer for mine.”

I debated with myself as to whether or not the cold logic of yelling “jump” was reasonable- the logic, perhaps, being that a society without sympathy for the suicidal would have less suicidal people, or even that if a person wants to commit suicide, why stop them? In light of the events of Friday night, I think there may be less to be said for that logic than for compassion.

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