Seizures give me headaches

I spelled “seizures” correctly first try. Self-props.

So I spent some of the weekend in Raleigh. I rode around Raleigh in the van with some old-as-dirt friends, which was as awesome as it was expensive. I’ve averaged about 15 mpg in the old bear of those times I’ve kept track, but on my last 20 gallons, I only got 13.5. In terms of cost efficiency, I’m thinking maybe I’d be better off with a tent and a scooter.

Sunday night was interesting. I went to see another old friend perform with his new band. I parked downtown near Moore Square, which sketched me out just a bit, because I don’t really know how safe my van is in that area. It was around 11 pm. As I locked up and walked to the venue, I was just a hair on edge. I was soon distracted from any worry. Some guy down the street, in front of the bus stop, started yelling to me, calmly but urgently, saying “This woman is having a seizure.” Ah, good.

I ran up. The woman had fallen against a 2-3 foot high, foot-wide brick wall that lines a dirt plot, and the man, who did not know the woman, was straining to support her, to keep her from falling into it, in which case she would’ve essentially been resting her weight on her lower back, with the brick wall acting as a fulcrum. I helped him lay her down as best we could along the wall. In a few minutes, she came out of the seizure, eyes open but completely unresponsive. We tried to communicate with her, but in about 30 seconds, she went into another seizure. The man who had flagged me called 911. When the EMT’s arrived, she was just coming down from the second seizure- shorter but more violent than the first. This time, she was responsive- or at least conscious. I left, my hands unnervingly greasy from where I’d cradled her head. Then I saw my buddy’s band play. Weird, right?

Anyway, I drove back to Wilmington and slept in that shopping center parking lot again last night, no big deal. I’ve had a killer headache building for the past couple hours. Gonna call it a night. Night, mates.

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2 Responses to Seizures give me headaches

  1. Michael Xu says:

    Question, is this the same John that I know, because he was a cool guy way way back when I last saw him, and he sounds like a more adult version of the same awesomeness. I’m not going to delve into the ex, since you have clearly not named her, but you living in a van is clearly not an issue with people, and naps in cars are awesome.
    Best wishes,
    ps. did you know Jo-Kathryn has a job in South Korea? isn’t that crazy/awesome? And I haven’t seen Quinn in ages, I wonder what he’s up to.

    • Michael Xu says:

      whoops, that comment was ment for the more recent post, “guests in the van” Posted on August 16, 2011 by Mike. please note that.

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