Quick update

-Popped a tire trying to parallel park (dur). Got my house towed.
-Got the mattress.
-Made a bed with me dad and nephew (Full post coming soon).
-Gave my old bed back to my parents.
-Took the tv out, inspected how it was hooked up (ideally, someday, I’d like to replace it with a better one).
-A little water leaked from the roof, right by the windshield.
-Inspected the area behind the tv, including the fiberglass roof for leaks; saw none and suspect the leak is where the roof meets the frame of the vehicle- not terribly worried about it.
-Had the rear brakes professionally tuned up.
-Replaced the front rotors with aid from me dad.
-Took the van back to the mechanic due to gearbox-oil leak near right rear wheel-well (say “right rear wheel well” five times fast), incurred another ~$300 dollar bill replacing the rear right bearing, axle, and seal, bringing the total spent on this beast after purchase to almost $1000.
-Thought of a bunch more things I want to get.
-Slept in the van. Twice. How was it? Awesome. Mostly. Details soon.

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  1. yo man, i might have an old monitor sitting around that could replace that tv if you are interested


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